We are a registered tourism company, which being located in Grândola, has as its primary area of ​​focus throughout the Alentejo. We are still able to operate nationally, across all programs Animation Tourism and Outdoor Training.

Our main purpose to make known the wealthy and well-preserved heritage of the regions visited, by performing various kinds of activities ranging from biking, hiking, going by bicycle rental to activities that can be considered more radical :

Rafting, rappell, Slide, climbing, among others, bearing in mind the purpose of valuation of the regions visited tourist as well as customer satisfaction.

We take also to highlight the high quality equipment that we have:

Scott Bikes, 9 and 7 seat cars, among other equipments.

We have the following Licenses and Permits:

Portugal Tourism License (RNAAT 8/2003 e RNAVT 3934)
Empresa aderente ao Turismo Natureza
Associado APECATE

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